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October 7, 2012 Take Action: PowerUpWNY – Petition – Supporting NRG


October 6, 2012 Albany OCT 15th: Rally and March to the Capitol “Real energy Real Jobs”



Dear Elected Officials, School Board Members, and NYS Citizens,

As you know, state mandates are tying the hands of local governments and school boards costing millions of taxpayer dollars and contributing to some of the highest taxes in the nation.  Many of these mandates are unnecessary and overburdening and are creating fiscal crises in many school districts and localities alike.

Business organizations, citizen groups, and others across the state are banding together in an effort to tell Albany to lift these costly regulations.  Best4NY recently kicked off their petition campaign with state, county, local, and school district officials.

Please join other New Yorkers and the New York State School Board Association and sign the petition to tell Governor Cuomo and the NYS Legislature to take action this session to deliver meaningful mandate relief!

Help spread the word by forwarding the link to other elected leaders, candidates, and citizens!

If you are in the Capitol region this Saturday, April 21st from noon – 2 p.m., join fellow New Yorkers and elected leaders from around the state for the Stop Unfunded Mandates Now Rally on the West Side of the Capitol Building.  Assemblymen Peter Lopez, Steve McLaughlin, and Jim Tedisco will be speaking along with elected leaders from other New York counties, towns, and school boards.

With your help, Albany will have to take steps to relieve local governments and school districts from these costly burdensome mandates!


Stop Increase in NY State’s Minimum Wage

The New York State Assembly is attempting to  kill jobs once again in our  state.   Speaker Sheldon Silver is seeking to increase the state’s minimum wage   to $8.50 and then link it to inflation.

As explained in Americans  for Prosperity Foundation’s Need To Know: Minimum Wage, as you raise the   minimum wage, employers can’t afford to hire new workers and due to the cost   increase, have to lay off employees.  Ultimately, any minimum  wage increase  would add to unemployment, especially amongst the young.  AFP-New York opposes any increase in the minimum  wage and we hope you will ask  your lawmakers to do so as well.


Email campaign is underway to keep NRG plant viable. (Take Action on Repeal of RGGI too.)

As much as the Email campaign that follows is important, we would like to remind people of the “Fight To Stop The RGGI Cap & Trade Tax in NY” which is a direct contributing factor to the

-ACTION ALERTS-N.Y.  [S7374 – NY Senate Open Legislation Update

S T A T E O F N E W Y O R K S7374 IN SENATE April 5, 2010 Introduced by Sen. SEWARD — read twice and ordered printed, and when printed to be committed to the Committee on Judiciary CONCURRENT RESOLUTION OF THE SENATE AND ASSEMBLY proposing an amendment to article 17 of the constitution, in relation to preserving the freedom of New Yorkers to provide their health care…]

Email campaign is underway to keep NRG plant viable. (Take Action on Repeal of RGGI too.)

March 17, 2012 As much as the Email campaign that follows is important, we would like to remind people of the “Fight To Stop The RGGI Cap & Trade Tax in NY” which is a direct contributing factor to the demise of the Somerset plant as well as others. The Town of Somerset and the County of Niagara spearheaded this effort last year and apparently more emphasis on this issue is needed in light of the NRG Dunkirk issue. STTPP has endorsed the RGGI repeal effort on more than one occasion and continues to do so. {for more background info in addition to what’s below, sample resolutions for our local town and county lawmakers, fact sheets, ect. visit AFP’s page here}

Town Board of the Town of Somerset June 14, 2011 RESOLUTION 712011


Councilman Engert said that he, along with Legislator Syracuse and Christian Peck has

tracked down all the Executive Orders that deal with the regional greenhouse gas

initiative that regulates emissions for coal fired power plants. He asked the Board to

approve a resolution calling for the repeal of Governor Paterson’s Executive Order No.

24 and calls upon Governor Cuomo to find strategies that appropriately consider the

goal of preserving and protecting our environment while supporting our existing

business (AES Somerset Plant).

On a motion of Councilman Jansen, seconded by Councilman Alt, the following

resolution was ADOPTED Ayes 5 Meyers, Wayner, Engert, Alt, Jansen

Nays 0

WHEREAS, the Town of Somerset is home to a 675 megawatt coal fired

Power plant otherwise known as AES Somerset; and


To date, resolutions have also been passed by elected officials in the following  towns and counties across New York:

*Join Towns, Counties, and Taxpayers Call for the Governor and State Legislature to Withdraw from  RGGI*

For the past three years, New York has participated in the RGGI Cap &  Trade scheme without the authorization of the state Legislature! Already this  Cap & Trade energy tax has cost New York businesses and ratepayers a  staggering $327 MILLION!


(use the action link above, or when sending an email below, reference both Senator Young’s S2658-c bill and add ”Please, also repeal RGGI in NY”)

Now it is up to you and me to fight back!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Keep those emails coming!

3/19/2012 6:27:40 AM By Dave Rowley, News Director

Keep those emails coming.  Local and county officials are continuing to encourage area residents to let their state leaders know they want them to support legislation to help keep NRG plant in Dunkirk viable.  The company filed a “mothball” notice last week with the State Public Service Commission. County Executive Greg Edwards says they would like to see thousands of emails sent to Governor Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Edwards-Every email is critical     Download Audio File

Email campaign is underway to keep NRG plant viable

3/16/2012 10:07:39 AM By Dave Rowley, News Director

The push to keep the Dunkirk NRG plant operation is underway and local residents are urged to join the effort. NRG on Wednesday filed a moth ball notice with the State Public Service Commission. State Senator Cathy Young is spearheading legislation that would require the New York Power Authority to conduct an analysis of the current economic viability of load-producing electric generating facilities and then to enter into power purchase agreements. County Executive Greg Edwards, Dunkirk Mayor AJ Dolce and the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce are conducting major email campaigns. Below are the links for sending email letters to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senator Young.  You should refer to the Senate one house budget proposal: S2658-c.

Governor Andrew Cuomo Speaker Sheldon Silver   Senator Cathy Young
                       (click photos to Email each of the officials)
-ACTION ALERTS-N.Y. [Affirming the Sovereignty of the people of the State of New York] NYS senate bill J4716-2009 TextRESOLVED, That this Resolution shall serve as a Notice and Demand to the federal government to cease and desist any and all activities outside the scope of their constitutionally delegated powers.

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