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The following are just a few of the websites available out there on the internet.  These sources should enable you to keep up with much of the news and opinions.  Most of the organizations have e-mail reports (newsletters) which you can sign up for and receive for free.  You can read the main points of each e-mail report (newsletter), choose which topics to read about and explore further.  A couple of the websites like Fox News or The Blaze you might want to check regularly.

We cannot read all the sites for you, condense the information, and re-present it here on our website.  Time and effort required for us to do so would be prohibitive.  Recommend that you choose the ones you find most helpful and check them regularly.  Please let us know of others which you would recommend to us.  THANKS

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Second Amendment (“Gun Control” or is it just “People Control”) Category:

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  • Second Amendment Foundation:  Second Amendment Foundation  (

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