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October 05, 2012 ARLINGTON, VA – Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s leading advocate for  prosperity and economic freedom, responds to today’s job report with a gripping  new ad unlike any seen this political season.  With confirmation of yet  another month of millions of people unemployed, American families face a  jobs crisis at the dinner table. AFP’s new ad, “Dinner Table,” features a recently unemployed father sitting at  the dinner table with his worried family.

And for some perspective about our future if we don’t change course,

The Chinese Professor (Turning our back on our principles):


Tea Party Patriots presents a Ground Floor Video productionThe Determinators: Whoever Pays Holds the Power to Decide. is a chilling story which uncovers the dark underside of the massive healthcare reform bill that, once fully implemented, will significantly threaten the way Americans live…and die.   Based on the book “The Battle for America’s Soul” by CL Gray, MD.   The Determinators feature leading experts in the field of healthcare who have studied the law and it’s impending ramifications.

The Determinators highlights several of the worst elements of Obamacare that big-government bureaucrats want to keep hidden from the public until it’s too late. It’s information people need to know before they decide how to vote.


See also, from some more of our friends:

WATCH these Ads: Too Many Americans / The Romney Plan / Dear Daughter / Bankrupt. PLUS Videos: Our Only Hope Is Change and Bush’s Fault (Is that all you got?)

and  Obama version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” “They just keep on lying as our freedom’s dying.”


Barack Obama Is a Dangerous Leftist of a New Kind (click for full post, you’ve seen “2016”, now see “Unvetted”, below)


Powerful New Video from FreeMarketAmerica:

“If I wanted America to fail”

Unified Patriots“:

This Video needs to go Viral – watch it, share it !

How’s that working out for you? | Barack Obama (ft. Ronald Reagan)

“I Bleed Red, White And Blue” and “Stand Up

By on March 10, 2012 – I was listening to David Webb’s” (TeaParty365 NYC) show on Sirius today, and when I heard the first video it blew my mind and I knew you PATRIOTS would love it as well.

And if you love the first one as much as I did you will certainly enjoy the second, a jam with Ronald Reagan’s voice speaking about freedom as well.

Andrew Breitbart would tell you that we must take back our culture to influence the youth toward a freedom loving agenda for America. That they have been manipulated and lied to by “progressives” for decades in our schools and colleges, means we have to work harder and faster then ever before. So sit back, enjoy the jams but know that the battle is 24/7/365 for the heart and soul of a nation.

Remember who we are:

Krista Branch: “I Am America

Krista Branch: “Can you hear us now?”

American Tea Party Anthem (with words) by Lloyd Marcus

Jon McNaughton Series (video1 / video2)

Newt Owns Obama on Drill Baby Drill

Ronald Reagan on Healthcare, Socialism (under the guise of Liberalism), “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”, and how you can and must do somthing about it!- “Don’t say we weren’t warned!”

Ronald Reagan on Socialism- “Don’t say we weren’t warned!” (and the little red hen story)

We The People

We The People Stimulus Package (Bob Basso – Thomas Paine Common Sense)

E Pluribus Unum (Latin= from Many come One)

Red Skelton’s Pledge of  Allegiance

Steve Bridges (RIP 1963-2012) as President Obama – January 2010 – Pt 1

Mike Kaminski’s incredible Obama imitation / impression!