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Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots will hold its monthly general meeting, 7 PM Tuesday, April 22, at the Lakewood American Legion, 174 Chautauqua Avenue, Lakewood. Featured small business owner will be Mickey Muirhead from Vulnerabilities to the electric grid will be presented, along with preparation measures that can be taken. A video will be shown highlighting Rob Astorino, Republican gubernatorial candidate. This is not to be considered an endorsement but an effort to acquaint the public with Mr. Astorino’s background and family. Will Conta will speak on behalf of SCOPE, along with pictures shown of the April 1 rally in Albany. The issue of how the Medicaid burden falls upon county property owners will be addressed for members, plus suggestions as to what can be done to ease the burden. Additionally, the issue of school budgets and money will be addressed. July 1 petitions for Chautauqua County to withdraw from New York State and for New York State to withdraw from the Common Core will be distributed the last week of June. Members of Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots and SCOPE will jointly participate in the July 4 parade in Mayville. The public is invited to attend general meetings.